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Videos from Home

Our Family Traditions

Calling all families around the world! Think of a tradition that means the most to you and share it on video.

Create and post a three-minute video that creatively presents a special family practice that most often has been passed down from generation to generation 

All forms of creative expression are welcome such as song, music, dance, photography, poetry, artwork, costuming…anything!

The Details:

  • • Two or more family members must take part. At least one family member needs to be a student under 20 years old. There is no minimum age.
  • • The maximum length of the videos is three minutes.
  • • Videos are submitted online and must be uploaded by 10 August 2020.
  • • All languages welcome – we will translate, adding English subtitles as needed.

Video to Include:

  • • Introduction of all family members
  • • Introduction of the family tradition
  • • A creative Performance/Demonstration/Enactment
  • • Use of music, dance, theatre, video, art, photography poetry, or other creative expression are encouraged

Selection and Presentation of Videos:

  • All videos will be reviewed and approved by the Creative Connections team
  • The selection criteria will include creativity in video presentations, thoughtfulness of the message, and the quality of family participation
  • The selected videos will be presented in a special online showcase and on social media, to be watched and enjoyed by a global audience


  • • Please complete submission form (see below) and upload your video to WeTransfer (a free platform) no later than Friday, 10 August 2020.

Arts & Crafts

Sketchbook/Coloring Book

Create your own sketch inspired by this piece created by an ArtLink student artist!

Find the sketchbook pages here.

Title: Giraffe Relaxing Under Tree
Artist: Vida
Age: 12
Country: Botswana

The giraffe is standing next to the tree. I chose this scene because the giraffe is one of my favorite animals.

My family are my mum, dad, and brother. I love horse-riding and acting. I hate reading. I spend my free time going riding, swimming, and bike-riding. I also do art and watch T.V. In my life, I hope to become someone who works with animals.

Create your own sketch inspired by this piece created by an ArtLink student artist!

Find the sketchbook pages here.

Title: Cat and Dog Playing
Artist: Nastya
Age: 12
Country: Russia

On my picture I drew the scene where my cat and my dog are playing.

“I have a mother and father and also a grandmother and grandfather. I am interested in music, I play the piano, and I like to sing. I like English and art. I like playing a computer and traveling. I dislike football and going into the forest. I want to be a lawyer.”

Coloring Pages



Some of the Bingo cards are made with artwork from the ArtLink archive. Print out or play online!

We will be updating this page with more cards, so check back in soon.

World Map

Scavenger Hunts

Summer Scavenger Hunts – #1

Are you ready to go on an adventure through our art archives?

Our digital archives are home to thousands of pieces of art created by kids like YOU from all over the globe!

Your mission:

Solve the THREE clues below

Use your solutions to inspire your own brand new piece of art!

Upload your artwork

We’ll feature our favorites on social media, so make sure you follow us!

@CreativeConnectionsUSA (Instagram, Facebook) | @creativecn (Twitter)


• Go to creativeconnections.org/art-collections/

• Find this     little guy, and click on him! He’s hidden in one of the pieces of art!

Along the right side, find the list of countries. Click on the country whose name is scrambled up in these letters: K A S I R L N A

FunFact: This country has the highest biodiversity in all of Asia! It is home to a wide range of native species such as leopards, sloths, and porcupines.

Find      this image, and click on it!

• What animal do you see in this piece of art? __________________ = ANSWER


• Go back to creativeconnections.org/art-collections/

• Find   this image, and click on it! (hint: it may not be on the first page!)

Along the right side, click on the country whose name is scrambled up in these letters: S S R I A U

FunFact: This country’s most famous animal species is the largest cat in the world, the Siberian Tiger.

Find    this guy, and click on him!

• What sport is being played in this piece of art? __________________ = ANSWER


• Go back to creativeconnections.org/art-collections/

• Click on the exhibit that has “Food” in its title.

Along the right side, click on the country whose name is scrambled up in these letters: C O M I X E

FunFact: This country is home to 707 species of reptiles!

Find   this image, and click on it!

What type of food is represented in this piece of art? _____________ = ANSWER (hint: if you’re not sure, read the caption!)

Now, combine these three things (the animal, the sport, and the food) as inspiration for one brand new piece of art made by YOU!

Example: if your answers were Cat, Tennis, and Tomato, maybe you would draw…a cat, playing tennis, and the ball is a tomato! Nothing’s too silly — have fun with it!

When you’re done, complete the form below to upload your artwork.

We’ll post our favorites on our social media — you might see your very own piece of art appear!

Bonus challenge: Can you find these three countries on the map?

Follow us: @CreativeConnectionsUSA (Instagram, Facebook) | @creativecn (Twitter)

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