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Celebrate Art from Around the World

  • Create your own sketches based on pieces by ArtLink student artists
  • The curriculum focused on food around the world and where the food comes from
  • Children explore “food stories” artwork, make observations of art and engage in an open-ended conversation
  • Activity develops an appreciation of art, as well as critical thinking, visual literacy, communication and collaboration skills

Additional Pages

Create your own sketch based on these pieces.

Title: Preparing Food
Paul, 13

This is a village scene. You can see women preparing food and some huts in the background.

My family consists of my mother and my three brothers, but I don’t have a father. He passed away, so I only have a family of four people. I like doing arts and crafts, and I like spending my time creating pictures, which I later paint, thus improving my talent. I dislike playing in my free time and dislike underestimating people. I spend my leisure reading my books, making mobiles, and drawing cards. I want to be a pilot and an artist.

Title: Giraffe Relaxing Under Tree
Vida, 12

The giraffe is standing next to the tree. I chose this scene because the giraffe is one of my favorite animals.

My family is my mum, dad, and brother. I love horse riding and acting. I hate reading. I spend my free time going riding, swimming, and bike riding. I also do art and watch TV. In my life, I hope to become someone who works with animals.

Title: Cat and Dog Playing
Nastya, 12

On my picture I drew the scene where my cat and my dog are playing.

“I have a mother and father and also a grandmother and grandfather. I am interested in music, I play the piano, and I like to sing. I like English and art. I like playing a computer and traveling. I dislike football and going into the forest. I want to be a lawyer.”

Title: Bird Family Living on a Tree in My Garden
Artist: Kanishka, 11
Sri Lanka

One Saturday when I was reading a book under a big tree in my garden I heard some birds singing. When I saw them I thought it was a very nice scene and have drawn it. I chose this scene since I sympathize with all beings, birds and animals.

I have one little sister and a pet dog named Peggi. I like to be kind towards animals and poor children who are employed. I hate to see poor animals and children being tortured. I spend my free time reading books about astronomy, playing chess and playing football. I hope to become a space engineer. I am a member of Sir Arthur C. Cleark’s Institute in Sri Lanka.

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