Fall 2023


Dear Friends,

This has been an extraordinary Summer and Fall for Creative Connections. I invite you to read about what we have been and are up to including:

  • The launching of Global Voices, our new programming initiative
  • An account of ArtLink-Ukraine, a truly extraordinary exchange
  • Launching of our Fall ArtLink program
  • An urgent request for Classroom Sponsors
  • and more

Thank you all for caring about us and our work.


Alan Steckler, Founder & President



We are excited to announce our new name (and organizational tag-line) for our virtual and in-person exchange programming, embracing creative expression and the sharing of student voice.

Whether participating in our collaborative art or environment-focused exchanges, taking part in an interactive workshop, or traveling with us on an in-country tour, students connect on a peer-to-peer basis, encouraging them to share their voices – their experiences, perspectives, and questions – with one another.

The ultimate goal of Global Voices is to transform this global engagement into empathetic global citizenship, inspiring students to care – and to take an active role in positively impacting their interconnected world.


Connecting: ArtLink Ukraine 2023

Over the summer, we connected Ukrainian youngsters affected by war and with kids in Norwalk with the goal of bringing a bonding, healing experience to all of the participants.
Teens attending the “Space To Be Happy” summer camp in Western Ukraine and art school students from the Norwalk Art Space shared their culture, the relationships that meant the most to them, and personal stories through an exchange of art, theatre activities, and 300 minutes of live videoconferencing.

While some serious topics were touched upon, the young participants shared much laughter. Stated Evan, one Norwalk participant, “Even though they are going through such a hard time they can still be happy and they can still smile … just like us. I realize that there’s not a whole lot that [differentiates] us. We’re all teenagers, we’re all kids, and we’re having fun.”

We are looking forward to continuing our work in Ukraine in our 2023-2024 ArtLink program. We are incredibly grateful to our many friends who caught the spirit and made this exchange possible through their generous contributions.


Facilitating ArtLink Cycle 1

ArtLink Cycle 1 is now underway, marking the start of this years cross-cultural connection among students across the globe via art and virtual exchanges.

We invite you to explore our website for comprehensive information on ArtLink programs, available scholarship opportunities, our core values, and other details.

Cycle 1: Starting September 2023
Cycle 2: Starting January 2024


Giving Sponsorships

ArtLink Cycle 1 is launching now and your sponsorship support will ensure that students in underserved communities here in CT and beyond will have their voices heard.

Please consider becoming an ArtLink classroom sponsor.

As more of our partner classes are engaging with the overseas partners in not one, but two interactive video conferences, our costs of facilitating an ArtLink partnership is now $1,200.00.


Thanking: EducatorsConnect with Rob Fried

On July 20th, educators from across the globe came together for a transformative workshop titled ‘The Magic of Mistakes’ as part of the EducatorsConnect program. This workshop delved into the ways in which mistakes can serve as catalysts for fostering creativity, innovation, and resilience.

We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to Rob Fried and express our gratitude to educators worldwide for their enthusiastic participation in this event.

Click here to learn more about Rob’s work. 


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