ArtLink is Creative Connections’ award winning international exchange program designed for 3rd – 12th grade classes.
It runs in two cycles, fall and winter.  Applications are accepted all year.

Cycle 1: Starts in September 2023   Cycle 2: Starts in January 2024


Scholarship opportunities available! Please make your request on the application or reach out to Miguel Barreto to learn more. 
Students in the program will:
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Introducing ArtLink Taiwan

A unique virtual exchange program for grades 7-12. Currently seeking partner classes for our pilot starting in January 2023 – in Cycle 2.

Additional Details:

Grade Suitability: Grades 7-12

Timeline: January – June 2023

Program materials: offered in English and Mandarin, Translation services as needed

Teacher Training: Available at the start of the program

 Fees: $875 per class for full exchange facilitation, scholarship funding available

More Information

Global Competency

Cross-Cultural Engagement

Students will gain global competency by:

• Discovering the power of art to convey ideas
• Attaining a new perspective into their own culture
• Expanding their awareness, understanding and appreciation of the lives of their international peers
• Learning cross-cultural communication skills through written and video exchanges

Virtual Exchange

IVC Information

More information on ArtLink with Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC):

After receiving the art, students participate in a live virtual exchange in which they share their insights with one another face-to-face in real time.

This is fully facilitated interactive video conference (IVC).

Program Timeline

Two Cycles

Cycle One (September-December)

September: Program Launch

October/November: Create artwork and submit artwork and ADS.

December: Receive partners’ art digitally and exchange responses and/or IVC.

Cycle Two (January-June)

Teacher to Teacher


A one-on-one virtual introduction of ArtLink partner teachers to one another.

An opportunity to meet your assigned partner teacher before you begin the program.

The virtual meeting time is 20 minutes.


A forum for our ArtLink teachers worldwide to meet and share their ideas and experiences and to learn from one another over Zoom calls.
To date, the CC team has facilitated virtual conversations on topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic, its impact on our teacher’s communities and schools, what it means to teach global citizenship and social justice, to name a few.
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