BLOG videoconf 2014

Here are two photos of a recent meaningful and insightful videoconference between partner classes here in the USA and in India. The photos are from a classroom here in Connecticut.
Students talked about their art work, customs and traditons and each class performed a song for one another. Students from Inda demonstrated some amazing yoga techniques balancing on clay pots.

The students from India shared this response about the cultural values they think the two classes both share, “Loving to spend time with family members, gratitude, patriotism, and expressing love by sharing the food, helping and respecting parents, celebration of festivals, liking for foods and candies.”

The USA class offered this,
“We found that although on the surface of your artwork, the environment you live in looks different from ours, we share many of the same values and interests.”

It is this type of connection that makes our ArtLink programs successful.  We are grateful to all the students and teachers who make our mission work!

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