From St. Petersburg, Russia
October 2006These award-winning dancers, aged 8-19, returned for their third tour with us. Their dances, blending gymnastics, ballet, and theatre, ranged from traditional to more contemporary. They never failed to enthrall the audiences they performed for. Their spirited performances were enhanced by their beautifully-made and colorful handmade costumes. To enable the audience to connect with the dancers on a deeper level, each performance was introduced by an “Up Close and Personal” video showing the dancers at home in their native St. Petersburg. As part of Creative Connections’ 2006-7 International Young Performers’ Tour, Rossijanochka gave 20 performances and many dance workshops at 15 schools and art centers in the Tri-State area. Over 9000 children, teachers, and family members saw them in action.

 Some of the many comments from schools Rossijanochka visited1

“This makes our social studies curriculum come alive. Our students are so fortunate to have a truly international exchange with children their own ages and from another country to really experience first-hand the spirit and culture of Russia.” (Debra Kaplan Dobbs Ferry Schools Superintendent)

My students were enthralled by the performance. They were captivated for the whole hour. The video clip was extremely interesting and gave the students a good understanding of Russian culture. Overall, the concert was amazing and my kids were blown away that children their age were such disciplined and talented dancers. (Rye Country Day School, Sara Ingrassia, 4th grade teacher)

They were able to personalize their experience, especially being able to sit and talk with the dancers during lunch. No longer were these people foreign, they became real people with real stories. (RCDS, Jac-que Robinson, theatre arts staff,)

Fabulous. These dancers were top of the line – overflowing with energy and grace. The costumes were colorful and beautiful. The kids loved the opportunity to dance with the Russians. A greater understanding of the bigger world teaches our children tolerance and promotes unity. These programs are the best! (Debbie Studnitzer, PTA Cultural Arts committee member at Laurel Plains School)

Rossijanochka, was very impressive. All of the dancers were incredibly skilled and dazzled the audience with their extraordinary talent. The Rope dance was spectacular and shocked and awed the audience. Rossijanochka was amazing and we were very lucky to have the opportunity to watch [them]. (King&Low Heywood Thomas School, K.P. Shelton, 11th grade student)

We give the tour a perfect 10 in every aspect. (Alyssa Nollman, Parent Arts Coordinator, Rowayton Elementary School)

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