International Young Performers Tour

International Young Performers Tour

Bringing the world together through performances in music, dance, and theatre

About the Program

Creative Connections’ annual tour brought talented international youth performing troupes to elementary, middle and high schools. International students, ages 12-19, met with, performed for, and gave workshops to school audiences during half or full day visits. Performances featured the youth sharing their culture through music, song, dance, and/or theatre.

Each show started with a video taking the audience “back home” to see the schools, homes, and rehearsals of the performers.

An important component of our tour was the interaction between the performers and their American peers. The group gave “hands-on” and “feet-on” workshops, visit classrooms, shared meals, and stayed in the homes of local families.

Our tours provided our student audiences with entertaining, authentic performances and workshops given by talented young performers from Uganda, Russia, Colombia, Cambodia, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Brazil, and Nepal. The “creative” connections made between audience members and performers were what made our tours special.

Highlighted Tours

Tour from Uganda

Tour from India

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