Women’s Daily Life In A Village

    Artist: Boury
    Age: 14
    School: Lycee Moderne de Dakar
    City: Dakar
    Country: SENEGAL

    The picture shows a woman’s daily life in a village. It demonstrates how women are very busy in villages from sunrise to sunset. The value I am depicting is the woman’s role in a traditional village society. It is important to me because it is part of our culture.

    I have parents, a brother, and a sister. We are close and they always support me. I love them. In my free time, I read books, watch TV, play on the computer, listen to romantic music, play with my sister, and cook. I like to go out with friends, travel, and study. I dislike being surrounded by many people. When I grow up, I want to be a tourism professional. My goals are to finish high school and learn to speak perfect English.

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