Visiting my Grandma

    KMBT_C224e-20180321092517Artist: Allyson
    Medium: Pencil, Markers, Crayons
    Age: 9
    School: Ann Street School
    City: Newark
    Country: USA

    In my drawing it is my mom, dad, sister, me, and my grandma. It is taking place outside because we were outside of the airport. We are visiting my grandma. My family was all hugging. We started talking to my grandma about how she is and other things too. The value I am highlighting is family.

    I have 58 aunts and uncles in total with my mom and dad. My sister Scarlett is 14, my dad Juan Carlos is 38 and works in construction and my mom Rhossemary is 36 and works at a supermarket. I love them so much you can’t imagine. In my free time I go to the park, go on my phone/computer or clean my room. I dislike rats, runny noses, cats, and mean people. I like dogs, family, squishies, going to the beach, slime, and Ecuador. I want to be a vet when I grow up.

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