The World is Dying

    RUS-20-238Artist: Olesia
    Medium: Gouache
    Age: 10
    School: #631
    City: St. Petersburg
    Country: Russia

    In my picture you can see the sea of plastic bottles, old apples, plastic glasses, old slippers. There are two people and ten fish. It is important to save our nature and keep it clean.

    I want my planet to be clean. I always gather rubbish after camping to help preserve the environment.

    My family is small. There is my mom, my dad and me. Sometimes, my family calls me by these nicknames: fox, bird and hare. In my free time, I like drawing, skating and playing computer games. I like pizza and pasta, but I don’t like avocado and pumpkin. When I grow up I want to be a famous sportsman and a vet.

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