The Spiral On Ice

    KMBT_C224e-20180208095245Artist: Emily
    Medium: Tempra Paint
    Age: 10
    School: Glenville Elementary School
    City: Greenwich
    Country: USA

    I am in my picture. I am at an ice rink and I am the only one on the ice while doing a spiral. I am good at ice skating and I feel free when I’m on the ice. The highlights are the colors I added on the board.

    I have a black cat named Playful. My mom is Irish, French, and Italian. She was born in Massachusetts. My dad is full Colombian and was born there. In my free time I love to play with my cat Playful and skate. I love cats more than anybody in the world. I hate bugs. When I grow up I want to go to a good college and be a professional cat whisperer.

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