Artist: Sara
Medium: Colored Pencil
Age: 12
School: Al Ahliyyeh School for Girls
City: Amman
Country: JORDAN

I am sharing the moment of a sunset in Petra. Tourists are visiting Petra during the sunset. I am showing camels, a gift shop (bazaar), a Bedouin tent, and Jordanian culture. I am showing that the culture of Bedouins in Jordan is still alive, and it is being presented to other cultures.

Featured: I am sharing the moment of a sunset in Petra.

My dad if from Syrian descent and my mom’s originally from Saudi Arabia. I am Jordanian. In my free time, I like to read, doodle, watch Youtubers, play piano, and play taekwondo. I like collecting, watching Youtubers, and eating seafood. I dislike rap music, spinach, and being surrounded by people who smoke. My goals are that I want to aim to be positive and get better grades. At the moment, I’m not sure but I always wanted to be in the Olympics.

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