The Eternal Bliss

    Artist: Vedha
    Medium: Pencils, Charcoal Pencil, Cotton ball/Q-tip
    Age: 12
    School: Educon International School
    City: Pune
    Country: INDIA

    What is going on in your piece:
    My piece portrays my passion for art and how I utilize my time to improve myself further during the nationwide lock down in Corona pandemic.

    How are you feeling during this time?
    Going through a pandemic has deeply affected our daily lives. But all we can do right now is practice social distancing and follow the rules of quarantine and maintain proper self-hygiene and cleanliness. This is the only way we can control the spread of the Corona virus. I also feel that this time is the best time to find a new hobby or engage with a new one to immediately get your creative side back on track.

    Other thoughts you would like to share with students from around the world:

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