USA-08-525Artist: Aatessa
    Age: 12
    School: Rocky Hill Middle School
    Country: USA

    “It’s a dark and spooky night with all the houses decorated with spooky and scary decorations. There are kids of different ages that are wearing different types of cool and fun costumes. You may notice a bag in their hands. They have candy from trick or treating.

    I chose this scene, because Halloween is one of the favorite holidays. My favorite thing about this holiday is looking at the cool decorations and costumes. My friends and I go to every house in our neighborhood and we get candy.”

    “My mom is an engineer and my dad is in the flooring business. I have a twin sister. Every Friday night we watch a movie together as as family.

    I love to sing, play basketball, go shopping, and swimming. I dislike creepy spiders, playing boring sports and doing chores even though it’s a good thing to do. When I am not practicing my basketball, and singing, I play with my sister and work on my scrapbook.

    I want to become a teacher, professor, singer, or and actress.”

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