“Seri”s Japanese Vegetable Auction

    KMBT_C224e-20170323123652Artist: Morino
    Medium: Colored Pencil
    Age: 16
    School: Hiroshima Nagisa High School
    City: Hiroshima
    Country: JAPAN

    My piece shows people wearing yellow hats, wholesalers selling merchandise to participants getting permission to buy them. Towards the left, they have just been dealing. They use special words that we, Japanese, can’t understand at first and sell one of the day’s goods in only 10 seconds!

    I have a younger brother who is 15. We are a family of four. I play the guitar and develop not only games, but also applications on the computer like “Alpha Go”�. I play music games, for example, BMS, DDR, Jubeat. I love having a breakfast of rice and miso soup. I dislike someone ordering me around. I want to do something freely. When I grow up I want to be a pathologist.

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