Ramen Store


    Artist: Sky
    Medium: Material-pencil, Pens, Markers
    Age: 13
    School: AmerAsian School in Okinawa
    City: Ginowan
    Country: JAPAN

    What is going on in your piece:
    This art I drew is of a middle school girl who always goes to this ramen store after school and visits with some people there. She always had fun there but after the corona incident she went to the ramen store after school as usual but it said “closed” and the owner of the ramen store does not know when it will open.

    How are you feeling during this time?
    The reason why I made this artwork is because even when your home is feeling safe, some people still worry about the other’s they know. So I drew this to show that this girl loves the ramen store and the people who are usually there. But she now worries, “What if they have the Corona virus? What if the store never opens anymore?” And it is about how you worry about your families too.

    Other thoughts you would like to share with students from around the world: Try to be safe at home and check on others to make sure they are safe

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