Northern Lights

    RUS-20-236Artist: Igor
    Medium: Gouache
    Age: 12
    School: #631
    City: St. Petersburg
    Country: Russia

    There are two bears seeing the Northern Lights in the picture. The action is happening in the north. I am showing that we should save nature and help the animals.

    We can help preseve the envirinment by not dropping litter everywhere and feeding the birds, etc.

    There are four members of my family: my mummy, Natalia, my dad, Heksey, my parrot, Prosha, and me. In my free time I like to play the piano, fish and play Fortnite. I like all the school subjects except for P.E. and drawing. I like music very much. I also like skiing. When I grow up I want to be a doctor.

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