KMBT_C224e-20180221133429Artist: Alexandra (Sasha)
Medium: Color Pencils
Age: 13
School: School 14
City: Ryazan
Country: RUSSIA

We have a hen in the country. This summer the hen refused to take care of her chicks. So I looked after them, fed them, cleaned their cage, and played with them. Now I see that it is rather difficult to be a mother. Looking after my chickens was a highlight for me, all animals need our care and we should help them.

I have a mother, father, and brother. My mother’s name is Inga, my father’s name is Grigory, and my brother’s name is Vladimir. I have little free time, but I like to spend it reading books and with my family. I like English and German, but I don’t like math class. I like to dance very much. I want to have good marks in my English test. I also want to be a doctor in the future.

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