Environment in my Culture

    Artist: Veronika
    Medium: Aquarelle, pencils
    Age: 15
    School: #631
    City: St. Petersburg
    Country: Russia

    I illustrated a family and their dog resting by the fire. It’s an evening with a beautiful sunset on a background of high mountains. The values I am illustrating are family and environment.

    I illustarted the beauty that we can lose due to pollution. We can help preserve the environment by using bicycles instead of cars and public transport. Also we can recycle paper and plastic.

    I live with my mom and my cat. I don’t have siblings. My mom is an interior designer. In my free time I like to cook or draw on paper or drawing pad. Also I like to watch movies and foreign YouTube bloggers. I like rap and rock music. In food, I like sweets, but I really love vegetables and fruits. I don’t like when people lie to me or don’t keep their nose out of other’s business. When I grow up I want to be an illustrator or a web artist.

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