RUS-20-224Artist: Darya
    Medium: Watercolor
    Age: 13
    School: #631
    City: St. Petersburg
    Country: Russia

    This picture shows the Earth. Two hands are holding her. One is the hand (the right one) of a living person, which helps to preserve nature. The second hand (skeleton hand) is the hand of a dead person, who is killing our planet along with living beings and himself. The value I am illustrating is caring for the planet/nature.

    If possible, you can stop producing and using plastic to help preserve the environment.

    I have a mother, a father and a younger brother (8 y.o.). I haven’t got much free time, but if I have it, I l draw and play musical instruments. I like to play the piano, draw, eat pizza. I also like spiders and snakes. When I grow up I want to be a surgeon or a programmer (like my parents).

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