An Historic Window of Guayaquil

    ECU-09-003Artist: Blanca
    Age: 17
    School: Unidad Basica Educativa de Fasinarm
    City: Guayaquil
    Country: Ecuador

    Medium: Collage and water paint

    This is a window from “Las Peñas”, one of the oldest and traditional neighborhoods in Guayaquil. We like this window because is a beautiful design. It is made out of wood, and has two shutters that allows the wind to cool the house inside. Guayaquil is a warm city.

    “Blanca likes to go to church and enjoys listening music, she does not enjoy home chores. Blanca hopes to graduate and start working. Alfredo loves fruit and spending time with his nephew. Alfredo practices capoeira and helps at church on Sundays. His dream is to work in Mc Donald’s after he graduates. Henry likes to draw flowers and helps his mom shopping groceries on Saturdays. He wants to graduate and help his mom at home. ”

    A colonial house’s window

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