2013 – Illuminate! Bringing My Culture to Light

    ArtLink 2012-13 Theme Assignment: We asked our participating artists to create pieces of art that illuminate (make understandable, clarify) an aspect of their culture that was particularly meaningful to them, one that expresses a cultural value they wanted to share.

    The artists were also asked to include a natural, man-made, or even symbolic source of light in their pieces. This exhibition highlights the talents of over 300 young artists from 22 countries. Their work was selected from well over 5500 pieces that were produced as part of Creative Connections’ ArtLink program for the 2012-13 school year.

    Creative Connections’ “Art Partners of the Year” honors were awarded to:

    International Partner of the Year: Baldone Art School, Latvia
    Coordinator: Ieva and Talis Muzikants
    This collection includes a variety of bold and lyrical pieces that beautifully illuminate the artists’ love of county, nature, music, religion and even sports.

    US Partner of the Year: Park City Magnet School, Bridgeport, CT
    Art Teacher: Ms. Wendy Chu
    The talented young artists from Bridgeport produced a rich set of fun and detailed pieces that express their love of family, friendship, and diverse ethnic cultures.

    Rainforest ArtLink

    Students from 80 partner classes in the US, the Mayan Biosphere in Guatemala, and Costa Rica exchanged art that illuminated their own cultural values and concerns for the environment. This special exhibit is made up of one piece from each of these 80 classes.



    Special thanks to

    Cherie and Bruce Burton

    Fairfield County Bank





    Charky Armstrong
    Milen Bedon
    Laura Einstein
    Hanneke Goedkoop
    Wouter Goedkoop
    Pamela Hovland
    Amanda Innes
    Gail Johnson
    Dod March
    Nancy Nessel
    Susan Newbold
    Susie Salomon

    Manirah Agnes
    Louise Boehler
    Brandon Cioce
    Maria Ghiso
    Gail Johnson
    Evalyn Milman
    Meredith Smith
    Debbie Steckler

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