2009 - Windows: Looking Out, Looking In

ArtLink 2008-2009 Theme Assignment: 

For this year’s program, all participating young artists were asked to select the view from a window as the subject of their art pieces. It could be a window at home, at school, at a local store, in a church, in a bus, in a prison… indeed anyplace that has a window. It can depict what one literally sees at any time of day or night, or what one sees in the mind or in a dream. The artists were asked to think of a scene that tells something important and/or meaningful about their way of life – and then to paint or draw that culturally revealing scene.

We think you’ll enjoy the richness and amazing variety in the pieces they created.

This exhibition highlights the talents of over 200 young artists from 40 countries. Their work was selected from well over 3,800 pieces that were produced as part of Creative Connections’ ArtLink program for the 2008-9 school year.

Art Partners of the Year

International Partners of the Year: Sperrin Integrated College, Co. L’Derry, Northern Ireland
Teacher: Sharon Maxwell

The Irish art is both bold and lyrical. The use of rich color makes this collection a stand-out.

US Partner of the Year:  Francis Parker School, San Diego, CA
Teacher: David Marienthal

The art students at Francis Parker School take us from home to sports to current issues. Collectively the pieces give a balanced, insightful view into US culture.

Participating Countries

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