2006 – Capturing the Moment

    Each young artist considered the variety of meaningful or culturally revealing events in his/her culture that might take place at a given hour of a day or night. The artist then selected one as the subject for his/her piece.

    Special assignment: Somewhere in the art itself or in the art description, the artist was asked to include an indication of the time of day.

    Creative Connections’ fifth annual “Art Partners of the Year” honors were awarded to:

    Children’s Art Circle / Colombo Children’s Book Society, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Art teacher: S. Hettiarachchi
    The Sri Lankan art is both bold and lyrical. The use of rich color make this collection a stand-out.

    A Fishing Village
    G. Navoda Wickramasinghe, 11

    Rippowam Middle School, Stamford, CT USA
    Art Teacher: Susan Arendt
    The art students Rippowam takes us from home to school to temple to the mall. Collectively the pieces give a balanced, insightful view into US culture.
    On the Phone
    Samantha, 11

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