2000 – Tradition!

    Traditions can be defined as “customs which are passed down from one generation to another.”
    This year’s participating artists were asked to:

    • think of the variety of traditions that are practiced in their culture. These could be ethnic, religious, national, or even individual family traditions.
    • select one of these traditions (one that was particularly meaningful to them.)
    • complete a piece of art that illustrates this tradition.

    As you “click” your way around the exhibit, you might well be surprised at the wonderful variety of traditions depicted by the 100 young artists from 17 countries. Their work was selected from well over 1000 pieces that were produced as part of Creative Connections’ ArtLink program for the 1999-2000 school year. We know you will enjoy seeing photos of the artists, reading what they say about their work and themselves, and of course viewing their colorful, spirited pieces.

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