Picture the Moment 2014-2015

Twitter new art from Russia


In the age of Instagram, Snapchat, and Selfies, countless photos are taken and downloaded 24/7. It seems just about everyone loves to visually document the details of their lives.

This year you are challenged to leave technology behind and take out some brushes, markers, pencils, pastels, etc. Using the medium of art, take time to thoughtfully capture a specific moment to share with your partners.

Which moment to choose? One that includes you and your family members, classmates, friends, or community members taking part in an activity that reveals a cultural value that is particularly meaningful to you.




Some examples of these moments:

  • Taking a bite of a favorite meal being enjoyed with one’s family
  • Heading the ball between two defenders in a soccer (football) game
  • Lighting a candle while carrying out a cherished cultural tradition
  • Pushing the wheelchair of an elderly family member
  • Praying alongside others in the local place of worship
  • Handing in a completed exam paper to the teacher
  • Snapping a group photo of you and your friends in a shopping mall


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