Intl. Application Form

For teachers in other countries

  • If you would like to join us, please fill out the enrollment form and e-mail, mail or fax it back to us (Please fill in one form for each class to be enrolled. Feel free to photocopy this page.)
    Partner classes outside the USA pay no exchange fee.
  • Primary Teacher

    Our programs are designed to be an interdisciplinary study. Please provide information for the primary contact and any other participating teacher:
  • Teacher

  • Teacher

  • Participating Class Information

    Please fill an additional form for each class participating if teachers involved are different
  • Miscellaneous Information

  • The pieces we select for the International Children’s Art Exhibit and other applications become property of Creative Connections. We use these pieces for a range of educational purposes, including “live” and website exhibitions, classroom workshops and for public relations purposes. We may also use any and all art including reproductions of the art pieces to share with art educators and young artists around the world and in other ways to support Creative Connections’ mission of providing cultural education programs to the world’s children in the years ahead.
  • Protecting the identity and images of all participants in our programs is our top priority. To that end, CC never uses and/or publishes a student’s full name – using only the first name and excluding the last name. We require permission from teachers (acting as the representative for students and parents) for any and all photos, videos, recordings and images, that may be used on CC’s social media, websites, and/or used for promotional purposes, and more. Please see our Media Release Form here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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