Country of origin: Colombia

Title of film: “Breakfast with the Family”

Family Name: The Castaneda Family

The family describes their tradition:

“Our traditional breakfast has arepa [cornmeal cakes], eggs, bread, hot cocoa or coffee. This is a tradition we have since the times of our grandparents. It is very easy to prepare, and we always make it as a family activity. This tradition is important to us because it was taught by our grandparents. It is delicious and it helps us spend time as a family.”

Thoughts the family would like to share with students and families around the world:

“We would like to invite you to visit Colombia to enjoy our simple but delicious traditional meals such as this breakfast. Next time, we would like to teach you how to prepare Bandeja Paisa [includes beans, white rice, chicharrón (fried pork), carne en polvo (powdered beef) chorizo, fried egg, ripe plantain, avocado and arepa], which is another delicious and well known meal in our culture.”

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