Country of origin: Uganda

Title of film: “Apologizing”

Family Name: The Katoola Family

The family describes their tradition:

“When we disagree, quarrel or fight, we were told to sing this song. It’s last note is ridiculously prolonged which makes us all laugh. Despite our bitter feelings before we sing, we laugh, apologize and forgive one another after singing it. This song praises the unity among people and the beautiful village from which they come. Singing this song is very important for us because we learn the value of apologizing and forgiving one another. It promotes unity among us and we enjoy singing it.”

Thoughts the family would like to share with students and families around the world:

“Treat all your family members with love and respect. They are the most important gift life gives us. We will disagree with them from time to time. However, it is only with them that we shall find true acceptance of who we are, they will be the only ones to love us unconditionally.  Always tell the truth and apologize when you make a mistake or wronged someone. Forgive those who have wronged you. A united family is a stronger family.”

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