Ugandan Storytelling Musical Theatre
October 27-November 14, 2008

Creative Connections: 2008-9 International Young Performer’s Tour

The award winning Ugandan Children’s Music Troupe

Ugandan School Performances

Twelve gifted 10 – 18 year old Ugandan performers present spellbinding tribal dances, songs, music, and folktales from their home in East Africa.

Abantu Mu Buntu’s colorful costumes, beautiful voices and vibrant dancing transport audiences to their traditional homelands of Uganda, a land rich in culture and spirit. Audiences will not only enjoy watching these amazing young performers, but will also have the opportunity to sing and dance with them.

The company is led by master choreographer and teacher Frank Katoola. The founder of the Tender Talents Theatre Company – an umbrella organization for children’s theater work in Uganda, Frank has led children’s theatre and music tours throughout Uganda and other parts of the world, including Germany and the United States. This is the group’s third tour with Creative Connections. In addition, his groups have participated in the East Africa’s Winners Festival and Ligen, Germany’s International Theatre Festival of Children.

Abantu Mu Buntu’s toured New York City, Fairfield, and Westchester counties from October 27-November 14, 2008.

“Gazing on those gorgeous faces with those brilliant smiles… Wow! I think they made us feel (all of us, young and old) the joy and aliveness and connection that everyone, on some level, yearns for.” (Libby Bauer, Rye Country Day School)


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