Creative Connections’ annual tour brings talented international youth performing troupes to area elementary, middle and high schools. Here the international students, ages 12-19, meet with, perform for, and give workshops to school audiences during half or full day visits. Performances feature the youth sharing their culture through music, song, dance, and/or theatre.

Each show begins with a video taking the audience “back home” to see the schools, homes, and rehearsals of the performers.

An important component of our tour is the interaction between the performers and their American peers. The group gives “hands-on” and “feet-on” workshops, visit classrooms, shares meals, and stays in the homes of local families.

Our tours provide our student audiences with entertaining, authentic performances and workshops given by talented young performers from around the world. The “creative” connections made between audience members and performers are what makes our tours special.

For booking information please contact, Alan Steckler at asteckler@creativeconnections.org.


Spring 2017 Tour: April 21-May 5


The award-winning Indian dance company

With their colorful costumes, beautiful music, and vibrant dancing, Tharanginee! transports school and family audiences to the traditional homelands of India, a land rich in culture and traditions.
These talented teenage students blend dance, drama, yoga, and martial arts in a mesmerizing program of classical Bharatanatyam and colorful folk dances. Audiences will also enjoy seeing ancient Hindu tales brought to light
Their 50-minute cultural performance includes an intro video filmed in the performers’ home community of Chennai and engaging audience participation numbers.

Each booking includes one or more periods of workshops where US students will meet and dance with company members.

For booking details and fees, Download the Flyer

Program Goals

International Young Performers’ Tour student participants will:

  • Expand their awareness, understanding and appreciation of the lives of peers living in another country
  • Gain a new perspective of their own culture by learning similarities and differences between their peer student-performers
  • Discover the power of the performing arts to convey cultural and values
  • Build their cultural literacy skills through a heightened interest in learning about other cultures around the world

Previous Tours Have Come From:

Since 1999, we have hosted young performers from Russia, China, Nicaragua, India, Uganda, Colombia, Ireland, Cambodia, Brazil, and South Africa.

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