TheaterConnect: Bridging Cultural Divides

Bringing together partner classes in the Northeast and Southern Appalachia or from widely different parts of the country, students work together to explore cultural heritage through theater, storytelling, and music. The inaugural workshop, between students in Southern Appalachia and New England was the result of Creative Connections’ partnership with Hands Across the Hills, a grassroots group that has connected residents from these two regions to better understand one another.

The Workshop

After sharing culturally revealing personal artifacts (brought in by each student), we use tools based in applied theater and storytelling to explore the objects in our lives we most value, staging scenes about our heritage – its meaning and challenges. Working cross-culturally, this workshop helps students understand one another better, while enhancing cultural competency, dialogue and creative skills, and media literacy.

Workshop Summary

Workshop Facilitator

Tim Steckler, TheaterConnect Program Manager | cell: 203. 219. 5439

Tim Steckler is a Brooklyn-based Applied Theater Educator and Facilitator. He has worked with students from the USA and around the world to put together interactive performances on social justice issues ranging from refugee resettlement, countering systemic racism, and cultural heritage. Tim holds a Master’s of Education degree in International Education Policy from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Principia College.

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