She shares: “People are acting out the Christmas story.  Mary is singing a song. I chose this scene, because I enjoy being in the Christmas programs at church.”

She shares, ” In my piece of art I am showing my family. They are enjoying delicious food that we cook at Christmas time such as: tamales, which is corn with meat, rice, bread, and fruit punch. Christmas is a very special day to families in Guatemala. The value that I am depicting is the importance of traditions, something we need to continue doing for the next generations”

She shares, “I love the Christmas atmosphere and at this moment when are all siting and wishing to each other, many good things.” 

She shares, “Family and friends are gathered together enjoying Christmas.  I am showing the importance of family.  They love you unconditionally.  I also value celebrations.”

She shares, “In my scene the Christmas table is decorated for Christmas with a Christmas cake. I chose this scene, because I like Christmas time.” 

She shares, “In our art school, we have a tradition each year before Christmas to read the Bible together with our teacher and to draw favorite moments from Bible stories.  I very much like Christmas time; it’s the best time of the year!  Here you can see the little Jesus and Mary, the angels who play and sing songs, and the Bethlehem star.”

We wish everyone a warm and happy holiday season and a very Happy New Year!

~The Creative Connections Team


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