The Art is ARRIVING!

"Hanging with Friends" by Rupa, age 13 from Stamford, CT USA

“Hanging with Friends” by Rupa, age 13 from Stamford, CT USA

It is a very exciting time here in our office, the art work created in this year’s ArtLink program is beginning to arrive. We have the privilege of seeing all the art work first as it arrives for processing and it is thrilling!

We are in 22 countries and have 70 partnerships between USA classes and their peers overseas. Typically we will get to see over 3000 pieces of unique and meaningful art work between now and the end of the year.

The art work seen here is from a partnership between a school in Stamford, CT USA and a school in Nicosia, Cyprus.

We will feature some of the art, as it arrives over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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