Heritage Workshops

Understand and preserve your heritage and that of your global peers

About the Workshop

About the Workshop

Can the arts empower students to better understand and preserve both their own cultural heritage and that of their global peers? Absolutely!

This workshop connects American students and international students with one common goal: supporting each other in the exploration of cultural heritage.

Students in the workshop will consider:

  • What should we value and preserve?
  • What needs to change and improve?


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Why this workshop?

Through the study of personally meaningful cultural artifacts, sharing oral histories, creating art and performing music, dance and theater, students learn to appreciate and celebrate all that is most important to their families and communities as they build a better future.


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Previous Workshop

Previous Workshop

Communities Connecting Heritage Program

Built on our previous work in 2019 with the Communities Connecting Heritage Program (CCH), sponsored by the US Department of State, and World Learning, featuring student-led workshops, this project involved CCH alumni students in Nepal facilitating a series of virtual workshops for ten local classrooms (250 students) in Connecticut using participatory theatre techniques.

Check out this 30-minute documentary following the virtual and in-person cultural heritage exchange between performing arts students in the USA and Nepal.
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