When I Lost my First Tooth

    KMBT_C224e-20180321093811Artist: Ester
    Medium: Markers, Color Pencils
    Age: 10
    School: Ann Street School
    City: Newark
    Country: USA

    In my picture it is my mom and I. I am 5 years old in this picture. I was in my living room with my mom when my tooth popped and fell off. I’m highlighting kindness because my mom was congratulating me for losing my first tooth.

    I live with 4 people, not counting myself. My mom, dad and two younger sisters. My parents are great cooks and make sure I have great food on my plate every night. My sisters might get mad at me sometimes, but I will always love them. In my free time I like to draw, build legos and ice popsicles. Dogs scare me because I’m afraid they might bite me. My goals for the future are to go to a good college so I can get the job that I want. I want to be an astronaut because I learned a lot about space in the 4th grade.

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