What is better?

    Artist: Darina
    Medium: Watercolor
    Age: 14
    School: #631
    City: St. Petersburg
    Country: Russia

    There is a girl who personifies that small part of children who haven’t forgotten about books. This girl is between two worlds: virgin forests and fields and eternal cities with smoke, plastic and waste. In my opinion, children who develop their mind culturally and fill their sould with kindness will be more responsible for them.

    Behind the girl you can see beautiful green fields and forests, prey and brown mountains and plants. And on the first terms are plastic bottles. I take part in the environmental events and will soon go to get work in the shelter for animals.

    I have a very large and friendly family: mom, dad, two younger brothers and me. In the free time I prefer reading a good book, listening to music, doing sports or just sleeping. I love food, but dislike eating meat, fish, and eggs. I love comfort, books, music, and the whole world. In the future I’d like to become a PR manager or a journalist.

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