KMBT_C224e-20180321094625Artist: Keyla
    Medium: Pencil, Crayons, Glitter Pens
    Age: 10
    School: Ann Street School
    City: Newark
    Country: USA

    I am in my piece and it is taking place in the church. This picture is about my communion. Everyone is there to receive the body and the blood of Jesus. In my piece, I am highlighting respect for religion, as well as caring.

    My family was there to see me and support me when it was time for me to walk out for my communion. I like to spend time with my puppy, play, write in my diary, or be with my mom in my free time. When my dad is sleeping sometimes I’ll play a trick and put some paper in his ear. I like my puppy, my family, going to the water park, and playing the piano. I don’t like it when my puppy barks. My goal is to get a scholarship. I want to be a person who plays the piano when I grow up.

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