2014 – Food for Thought



    ArtLink 2013-14 Theme Assignment: Throughout the history of mankind, food has not only, been essential to survival, it has helped define one’s ethnic and cultural identity. We asked our participating young artists to create pieces of art that illustrated a cultural value that was particularly meaningful to them.

    In their artwork, the students had to creatively include food being cultivated, prepared, used, or eaten somewhere in the piece. The food could serve as the central focus of the art, feature significantly in the scene, or be merely incidental.


    Creative Connections’ “Art Partners of the Year”

    International Partner of the Year: Mihara Junior High School, Mihara City, Japan
    Coordinator: Seiji Fukazawa
    This collection of work included a variety of colorful and thoughtful pieces, taking the viewer into their homes, schools, rice fields, ramen noodle stands, tatami rooms, and fish shops.

    US Partner of the Year: Curie Metro High School, Chicago, IL
    Art Teacher: Joe Royer
    Curie High School artists expressed pride in the diversity of their cultural backgrounds (Hispanic, Polish, Chinese, etc.) while creating insightful art pieces illustrating such values as love of family, traditions, gender equality and independence, and religion.

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