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Although the use of flags to represent countries only came into common practice in the 18th century, flags have been around for much longer. As early as 1000 BCE, Egyptians used flags as signals and forms of identification. These flags were often made out of wood or metal, but fabric eventually replaced those materials as the use of flags became more widespread. The oldest national flag that is still in use today is believed to be the Danish flag (seen to the right), which was adopted in 1625.

Today, every country in the world has a unique flag to represent it.

The symbolism of the colors used in the flags varies from country to country, but the following are some common interpretations of the colors:

Yellow: generosity

White: peace

Red: courage and strength

Blue: loyalty and justice

Green: hope or joy; a sacred color for many cultures

Black: determination


Below is a sampling of the country flags of some of our partner schools, along with pieces of art by students who included flags in their artwork.

SAF-09-053A Secure Nation

By Adriaan

Upington, South Africa

“The two sticks shows the tradition of musical instruments. You see the Earth, with the African continent, our national flag and a bird protecting us from all harm. The color around the globe reflects warming. I chose this scene to emphasize our heritage and vibrance.”





Independence Day

By M.B.

Secunderabad, India

“On Independence day, 15th August, the president is hoisting the flag of our country India and the Commander is saluting the flag.I chose this scene, because I like to see the flag of Independent India to keep flying high.”




JRD-12-031A Piece of Jordan

By Joanna

Amman, Jordan

“My brother, sister and I are sitting on a mountain and we are captivated by Amman’s view.  I replaced the sky with the Jordanian flag to show that this is Amman; a city (no different than any other city) that has proud Arabs living in it, peacefully. The value I am depicting is to end stereotypes and show people the real Jordan.”



KNY-08-009Flag Raising

By Syombua

Wamunyu, Kenya

“Pupils are in assembly and the flag is being raised. I chose this scene, because this is what we do on Mondays and Fridays every week.”




BrazilO Brazil and Its Wonders

By Juliana

Gurulhos, Brazil

“My scene shows all the wonders of Brazil. It shows a little from each corner of Brazil.”




2002_CAMBODIA_05_largestThe Road of Life

By Prom

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“On the left of the rainbow is a typical Cambodian country schoolhouse with the national flag in front. In my scene, two children, a boy and a girl wearing school uniforms, walk along a rainbow. Education is the value I have chosen. It is the light of life since people who can’t study (like the boy herding cows below) are like blind people. People who study and have knowledge light the world.”

By Laura Tibbetts






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