The Indians

Artist: Kendan Age: 7 School: McGarrah Elementary City: Morrow State: GA Country: USA Artifact: Bow and Arrow Medium: Crayon The Indian is shooting the brown coyotes. I chose this scene because Indians help save our country. My family is very nice. My big brother is sometimes mean to me. I have four brothers and no […]

The Navajo Jewelry

Artist: Regina Age: 12 School: Shonto Prep School City: Shonto State: AZ Country: USA Artifact: Navajo Jewelry Medium: Colored pencil In my scene a Navajo girl is wearing Navajo jewelry on her neck. She is also wearing a Navajo pin on her clothing. I chose this scene because I have a lot of jewelry when […]

The Song

Artist: Courtney Age: 10 School: Curvin McCabe School City: Pawtucket State: RI Country: USA Artifact: Guitar Medium: Colored pencil In my scene I am in my room playing my guitar sadly. I drew this because it’s my favorite scene, sadly in my room. I have a dad, a cousin, an aunt and a grandma and […]


Artist: Ali Age: 15 School: Wilton High School City: Wilton State: CT Country: USA Artifact: Consumerism Medium: Computer graphics This scene represents prominent aspects of American culture that many people dislike and try to cover up. It shows city slums, pollution, “security measures” such as cameras and terror alert levels and hints at consumerism with […]

Waiting Lonely

Artist: Ebony Age: 11 School: Children’s Storefront School City: New York State: NY Country: USA Artifact: Subway car Medium: Marker and pencil In my scene there is a woman waiting for the train. I chose this scene because I like the train. I have a mom, a dad, 3 brothers and no sisters. I like […]

The French Horn

Artist: Tim Age: 11 School: H. C. Crittenden Middle School City: Armonk State: NY Country: USA Artifact: The french horn Medium: Caran d’ache and watercolor I am playing a french horn. I am looking at the musical notes and playing the notes and the rythyms. Playing the french horn is one of my favorite hobbies. […]


Artist: Shannon Age: 8 School: Northville School City: New Milford State: CT Country: USA Artifact: Scarecrow Medium: Craypas, chalk, pencil In my scene a bat is flying at night with the scarecrow. I chose this scene because I thought of fall and scarecrows. I have eleven people in my house. I like basketball. I do […]

Scrap Booking

  Artist: Meghan Age: 17 School: Glastonbury High School City: Glastonbury State: CT Country: USA Artifact: Camera Medium: Pencil, tissue paper Scrapbooking has become very popular in America. Families go on vacations and take lots of pictures. After when they go home, they can be creative and scrapbook their family memories. I chose this scene […]


Artist: Jonathan Age: 12 School: Spaulding Youth Center City: Tilton State: NH Country: USA Artifact: Snowmobile Medium: Paint I’m driving my snowmobile. I chose this scene because I love my snowmobile. In my family I have two brothers, two sisters, my dad, my stepmom, my mom and my nephew. In my free time I like […]


Artist: Erick Age: 9 School: Elias Howe City: Bridgeport State: CT Country: USA Artifact: Soccer Ball Medium: Colored pencil and pencil In my scene I am playing soccer with another kid. I chose this scene because I like to play soccer with my friends. I live with my mom and dad. I like to watch […]

Social Critique Serenade

Artist: Caitlin Age: 12 School: The Family Museum of Arts and Sciences City: Bettendorf State: IA Country: USA Artifact: Electric Guitar Medium: Pen, color pencil, water color and charcoal In my scene the night sky is fading to dawn. I concerned about future problems with waste, so I have a barge of toxic waste, a […]

Space launch

Artist: Brody Age: 9 School: Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf City: Faribault State: MN Country: USA Artifact: Rocket ship Medium: Crayon, marker In this picture the rocket will land on Mars. The astronaut inside the rocket will look for rockets and life on Mars. I chose this scene becaue I can draw rocket ships […]