Artist: John Age: 18 School: Glastonbury High School City: Glastonbury State: CT Country: USA One of my family’s favorite traditions is Christmas and one of the most fun places to visit at Christams is Rockefeller Center in New York City. It is very beautifully decorated each year with Christmas decorations. I have a mother, a […]

Pull the seven waves

Artist: Valnei Age: 10 School: C. B. Meu Guri City: Sao Paulo – SP Country: Brazil At the end of the year people go to the beach, and at noon they pull the seven waves to get good luck in the coming year. This custom comes from African religions. I chose this scene because I […]

Army for Peace

Artist: Renos Age: 10 School: First Elementary School of Ayios Dometios City: Nicosia Country: Cyprus The army is parading for the anniversary of the ending of the Second World War. I chose this scene because sometimes we need to use force to keep a better world. My family has four members: my father and mother, […]


Artist: Francisca Age: 15 School: Kanya Puri Visual Art Studio City: Surabaya Country: Indonesia This is one of the most popular celebrations of Bali, which is the most beautiful island in Indonesia. In this scene peope are setting the human corpse with itÕs procession outfit on fire. Usually only wealthy people can afford this when […]

Ramadan Night

Artist: Hanouf Age: 13 School: VSA Arts of Kuwait-Kuwait Society for the Handicapped City: Hawaly Country: Kuwait In the holy month of Ramadan, we fast from sunrise to sunset. Families have ÒiftarÓ (breaking of the fast) together. Our grandmother tells us old stories about our traditions. In my scene, I play with my sisters, cousins […]

Puk Pok Palayok

Artist: Kate Elaine School: St. Francis K-6 Inclusive School VSA Arts NG Pilipinas City: Quezon City Country: Philippines A game of Puk Pok Palayok is played during fiestas. The ÒitÓ is blindfolded and breaks the pot for a prize. I chose this scene because I love getting candies when the pot is broken. I have a […]

My Favorite Doll

Artist: Joel Age: 10 School: International School Moshi Arusha Campus City: Arusha Country: Tanzania I made a doll I really like. It is dressed in traditional clothes. I made this doll when I was 5 years old. I have three sisters and one brother. I spend my free time by playing football. I play Play Station. […]


Artist: Ryan Age: 16 School: The Family Museum of Arts and Sciences City: Bettendorf State: IA Country: USA Every Halloween I watch horror movies and this is what I am doing in this scene. There are 5 people in my family. I love watching movies and I don’t like sports. I spend my free time by […]

Pledge of Allegiance

Artist: Jessica Age: 11 School: Hillcrest Middle School City: Trumbull State: CT Country: USA The tradition I have chosen is saying the Pledge of Allegience during morning announcements. The class and the teacher are looking at the flag and saying the Pledge. This is a tradition that our school does every morning. I have a mother, […]

Watching New Year

Artist: Miranda Age: 10 School: The Long Ridge School City: Stamford State: CT Country: USA I chose New Year’s Eve. I am watching (on the TV at my dad’s house) the ball drop at midniight in New York City. I chose this scene because I like staying up late and the suspense. I have a […]


Artist: Dayane Age: 15 School: C. B. Meu Guri City: Sao Paulo – SP Country: Brazil The couple is dancing the Samba. The Samba dance came from Africa, and it is very popular here, especially during the Carnival. I was inspired by a picture of Cecilia Meireles, a Brazilian painter. I also chose this scene […]

Bucket Race

Artist: Amurosios Age: 10 School: First Elementary School of Ayios Dometios City: Nicosia Country: Cyprus In my picture there are people having a bucket race. I chose this scene because it is a lot of fun. I like playing football (soccer). I don’t like watching t.v. In my free time I play guitar. I want […]