Country of origin: Nepal

Title of film: “TIKA”

Family Name: The Biswokarma Family

The family describes their tradition:

“Tika, made from red powder mixed with water and rice it is applied on the forehead during religious, cultural activities, at the beginning of new work, birthday, and so on in the Nepali Hindu tradition. It is also a symbol of good luck and an escort. It has been followed for a long time and passed from one generation to another. Worshiping God early in the morning is one of our practice and putting tika after worship is part of the process.

Tika is a belief of good luck and escort. It helps to build confidence to start new work, or a long journey.  It [reflects]an emotion that connects elder and younger people of the family. Which keeps supporting to build a relationship of respect and love. It is a sign of being a Nepali as well.

Singing, dancing, and playing folk music is also a practice of preserving history and culture. Doing such activities is an escape from a busy life schedule. Living in the moment and creating memories with friends and family. This helps the bond between friends and family to become more substantial.”

Thoughts the family would like to share with students and families around the world:

“Nepal is affluent in culture and tradition. We have 123 languages, 126 castes, more than fifty ethnic groups with diverse music and dance form, varied food menu, and so on. After all, living in love and harmony is one of the best parts of Nepal and our culture.”

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