The Children’s Beijing Opera Troupe-2008

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May 5-9, 2008

Creative Connections’ International Young Performers’ Tour presents

The Children’s Beijing Opera Troupe

Featuring nineteen talented 10 – 12 year old performers from the acclaimed Peking University Primary School, in Beijing, China.

This group will perform an enchanting mix of costumed folk drama, dance, and martial arts and conduct hands-on workshops for elementary and middle schools in the Tri-State area.

Scroll down to view sample clips from their performance.

We invite your school to host this troupe for a day.

A day’s visit will include:

  • A 45-minute all-school performance
  • Two 45-minute long workshops where the Chinese teachers and children will teach your students
    • Chinese martial arts
    • Chinese dancing with handkerchiefs and/or streamers
    • Chinese rope tying
  • One period where the Chinese children can visit your classrooms to have a two-way Q&A session
  • Lunch with your students (we appreciate your school providing this)
  • Opportunities for the Chinese children to visit and participate in your classes (we recommend classes where their limited English language skills will not be a problem i.e. gym, music, art, or “active” academic classes)



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