The Art of Music by Vitoria age 14 from Brazil
The Art of Music by Vitoria age 14 from Brazil

We are thrilled to feature this beautiful image from Brazil in this year’s collection of art cards we will be reproducing and making available through local gift shops and at our events. The proceeds from the sale of these blank greeting cards helps support our programs.
The young artist describes her piece, “I drew a girl playing the violin on a stage with the Symphonic Orchestra from State of Sas Paulo.
She is performing a solo. She is not a rich girl, but what she has in her heart, no money can buy. The value I am depicting is the love of music.”

According to their LinkedIn posting:  “The São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (OSESP) gave its first concert in 1954. Since then it has had a long history of achievements which culminated in an institution that is now recognized internationally for the excellence of its production. The Orchestra is an important part of the state’s cultural scene as well as an agent of evolution and creation of a new model for concert music and a reference for the management of culture in our country.”

To read more about this extraordinary concert hall please go to:

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