“You Are Not Alone” 私がそばにいるよ When We Got Relief Supplies

    JAP-12-132Artist: Seiya
    Age: 12
    School: Rifu Elementary School
    City: Rifu
    Country: Japan

    When we received relief supplies, we were happy. It was very difficult without electricity and water. I value everyone helping each other and bonding.

    Medium: Crayon, paint

    My father is strict and my mother is funny. My younger sister is kind. In my free time, I like lounging around while I listen to music. I like Nori (dried seaweed), but I don’t like tomatoes. When I grow up, I want to become a carpenter and build houses in the area where the disaster struck.


    Special Notes:
    6.13.12 Letter # 27
    Dear Friends of America,

    I had a chance to take a look at the pictures today and I appreciate your thoughts. I appreciate your concerns. The area where we live has been fully reconstructed; therefore, your worry is not necessary. You all are very good at drawing and were able to share your thoughts. Thank you very much.

    Seiya Satoh

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