Wild Life In Uganda In The Morning

    2001_UGANDA_01_artistArtist: Kavuma
    Age: 14
    School: Tender Talents Magnet School
    Country: Uganda

    We can see someone looking through the window to see those beautiful animals and that morning sunlight when we get Vitamin B. In addition, you can see fish and beautiful mountains and birds flying in the background. I live with my grandma and sister in the village. It’s where I saw those animals as I went for water at the well. I also saw them when I have gone hunting.

    My family is very happy about my art work, but my parents died; that is why I live with my grandma. I like getting out of bed before the sun comes out in the morning. I hate travelling during the night because I know how wild animals kill and attack. My leisure time is spent swimming in cool water and fishing. I also like to hunt, draw, and read. I love music. For my future I need to be an artist or performer.

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