Wedding Ceremony

    Artist: Saravanan V
    Medium: Markers, Paint, Pastels
    School: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Educare
    City: Chennai
    Country: INDIA

    In my art piece, I have drawn the various rituals that happen in a wedding. It shows two families joining together and celebrating. I have designed ornate and unique jewelry that depicts how relations between people are unique.
    To create beautiful jewelry takes effort; to make it more beautiful we add gems. Likewise marriages are beautiful which creates bonds between all relations.

    There are five members in my family Ma, Pa, Granny, and me. No siblings for me — I am the only one dear to my parents. I like chatting with my friends, drawing, sleeping, singing and playing with my friends. I like video games too. have many likes but no dislikes.

    My goal is to develop my country. I will be a politician or an NRI.

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