Artist: Hanzade
    Medium: Pastel
    Age: 9
    School: D’Atelier School of Art
    City: Ankara
    Country: TURKEY

    What is going on in your piece:
    On our last online lesson with my art school we discussed about mythology of the land we lived. After my lesson I dreamed of Galatea, a beautiful, strong girl. And I wanted to paint Triumph of Galatea. She fights against all enemies even the viruses. Two angels or soldiers at the top with arrows are my younger brother and me. We fight all enemies and protect our friends.

    How are you feeling during this time?
    Art is a window for me in a locked world. I can go everywhere I want in my paintings.

    Other thoughts you would like to share with students from around the world:
    You may go everywhere or do what you want in your paintings. Open the windows…

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