Two Cultures In One

    Artist: Rahaf
    School: Ahlya School for Girls (ASG)
    City: Amman
    Country: Jordan

    Medium: crayons13

    My picture shows the different cultures we have in our modern life; Bedouin and western. It shows that although most of us are into the western lifestyle our costumes and traditions are deeply rooted in our history. We call this mixed culture “Arabizy Culture”. My value is to show you our “Arabizy Cuture”. It is important to me because it shows that there are different types of Arabs, and not just Bedouin.

    In my family I have two sisters, one twin and one older sister and my parents and one dog. I like to play basketball, dance, facebook, play with my dog, talk with friends and listen to music. I dislike animal haters, discriminators and olives. When I grow up I want to be a lawyer or an actress and I want to stop people from smoking all around the world (I dream big).

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